May 23-26,2019,奥兰多凯悦酒店9801 International Drive,佛罗里达州
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Challenging the Paradigms: Reimagining Diabetes Care

十年​​​​For more than 30 years,年度糖尿病临床会议一直是质量中心,医疗保健提供者的临床糖尿病教育。Those who attend — from primary care providers to seasoned diabetes care specialists,quality improvement drivers to industry newcomers — explore how the latest science,技术和研究可用于影响患者安全和护理的真正变化。

我们诚挚地邀请您加入您的同事和糖尿病研究的主要专家,care and management at the Hyatt Regency Orlando to explore how we are reimagining diabetes care.

召开一系列的大会,主题曲目和小型互动研讨会,the conference will cover the latest evidence-based treatment strategies to improve outcomes for patients with diabetes.